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Noah’s Ark Needs Your Help Reaching Their Fundraising Goal To Refurbish Sanctuary Facilities

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Dog shelter and Lovin Malta’s social media awards winner Noah’s Ark is slowly reaching the final push towards their desired goal of raising €10,000 in donations to refurbish the shelter’s dog pens and infrastructure, now with the help of marketing firm BPC International.

All donations raised towards the €10k goal will head towards creating bigger pens that are easier to clean, allow the dogs to have move space to move around in and install insulated roofing to protect the dogs from the summer heat and the winter cold.

Noah’s Ark provides a home to some dogs that face difficulties in being adopted due to their age or persistent health conditions. For this reason, it is crucial that dog pens are well-equipped to cater for the needs of the dogs while making sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Previously, the Mellieħa-based sanctuary’s campaign won ‘Best Social Cause’ in Lovin Malta’s Social Media Awards, a category that was sponsored by BPC International who donated agency services to help with the campaign.

“This refurbishment is long overdue”, Fabio Ciappara, the President of Noah’s Ark has previously explained. “We continuously receive donations and help from our volunteers, but this revamp needs a bigger investment.”

“While we are seeing success in our adoption rates, dogs keep coming and going – our sanctuary is always busy. We are doing our best to offer lovely housing to our dogs, whether it is a temporary or permanent solution. Every dog deserves the best care possible, wherever they are.”

Noah’s Ark has also recently received 181 Chihuahuas as a result of an animal hoarding situation and this unprecedented rescue situation only highlights how crucial it is for the Maltese people to support our animal sanctuaries.

Beyond this campaign, Noah’s Ark is always open for donations and volunteers to help out at its dog sanctuary, located behind Torri I-Aħmar in Mellieħa.

As of the writing of this article, their campaign has raised just over €6,500 with 10 more days to go to reach the campaign goal.

Should you wish to donate to their campaign, you may do so at here.

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