Purrfect! Nestlé Donates 10 Cat Kennels To Maltese Sanctuary After Storm Devastates Kittens' Homes

Last February's storm had severely damaged the Bormla kennels, but CSAF's cats have just been given a brand new home!

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Nestlé’s pet food brand Purina has donated 10 cat kennels to one of Malta’s busiest cat sanctuaries, the Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines (CSAF), after a severe storm damaged their kennels back in February.

“We always had the full backing of Nestlé Purina, but I was not expecting to receive a call on the same day as the storm from John Paul, asking us to let him know what Purina could do to help,” says Joyce Scerri at CSAF. “We are very grateful that Nestlé Purina has supported us once again. These cat kennels are perfect for our cats. They love them!”

As a cat shelter and registered NGO, CSAF Malta offers a home to around 300 stray and abandoned cats

"Inspired by an article on Lovin Malta that highlighted the shelter’s dire need of volunteers, bedding, a new roof, solar panels, and even a water boiler following the major storm earlier this year, Purina Malta saw another opportunity to channel its passion for pets into supporting the work of the sanctuary," Nestlé Purina said in a statement today.

The cat kennels donation comes following another recent social media campaign by Purina Malta, where the pet food brand donated 10,000 Gourmet Soups to four of the island’s major animal sanctuaries; CSAF Malta, Tomasina Cat Sanctuary, CLAWS and Animal Care Malta.

Joyce Scerrri From Csaf Charmaine Falzon – Assistant Product Manager

The new kennels are already installed

“Sanctuaries such as CSAF provide vital shelter and care for cats that have been abandoned or abused, and yet, they depend entirely on volunteers and donations,” explains Nestlé Product Manager John Paul Mifsud

“That’s why Purina is dedicated to supporting them – we want to highlight that any cat, regardless if it is in a shelter or in a family home, deserves love and is capable of being a friendly, lifelong companion," he ended. "Hopefully, through our donations so far this year of Gourmet Soups and now these kennels, we can enrich the lives of these animals, and those of the people who love them, while encouraging the public to adopt from, and volunteer at, sanctuaries like CSAF."

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