Reality Star Carina Camilleri Mourns The Loss Of Her Best Friend Of 14 Years

'The worst pain imaginable'

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Carina Camilleri is known for her sharp eye and even sharper comebacks, but what many people may not know is that Carina is obsessed with dogs. She volunteers with shelters, talks about them every chance she gets and helps out in any way she can.

Knowing this makes her post on Facebook early this afternoon even more tragic, as she bids goodbye to her own fluffy family member, Cody.

"My heart is broken in a million pieces," she wrote, "the worst pain imaginable."

Carina's love for Cody, as well as her other 'grandkids' (Ben and Xtina's dogs) was evident from day one of the show, and this shines through more than ever in a clip of her being so overwhelmed by the joy in the dogs' faces she bursts into tears.

Hundreds of friends, family and fans took to the comments under the post to offer their condolences for Carina's loss.

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