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Rescued Foal Making Recovery At Maltese Sanctuary But Carers Still Sceptical About Future Health

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A sickly and underweight foal rescued last week is making steady progress after being rescued – but his carers say it’s still too early to tell whether he will survive the numerous ailments suffered so far.

The foal, now named Baby, was found in a field last week severely underweight and covered in several wounds infested with maggots.

Baby was rescued by Animal Welfare and was taken to Malta’s only horse sanctuary, RMJ Horse Rescue, where it has spent the last week recovering.

“At the moment it’s not doing too badly given the heatwave,” Corrine from RMJ Horse Rescue told Lovin Malta. “But when they are in that state, there’s a fine line where they can all of a sudden seem to be improving and then crash.”

Despite its still-poor condition, Baby has made substantial progress since he first arrived at the sanctuary and has even managed to stand on his own two feet to snack on a bail of hay.

“Before we had to lift him up from the ground but now we just give him a bit of a push and he has the strength to lift himself up,” Corrine said.

“We don’t want to get people’s hopes up,” Corrine continued. “All I can say is that anything that can be done is being done.”

Currently, Baby is receiving special treatment with a vet by his side 24/7. Meanwhile, investigations are ongoing to find the foal’s owner with Lovin Malta being informed that the search has come down to a few suspects.

If you wish to help out, you can donate to RMJ Horse Rescue, which keeps its patrons constantly updated with news on its horses via social media, by following these links or via BOV 99947633.

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