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These 8 Adorable Pooches Are Looking For A Forever Home In Malta

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Young or old, chances are you’ve often had the dream of having your own four-legged companion, and let’s face it; there really is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to the warm welcome of an ecstatic pup.

With shelter dogs still suffering from ample stigma, the team at Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary are working tirelessly to offer a temporary home to dozens of abandoned dogs looking for a loving owner.

We’ve therefore decided to put a spotlight on eight of the sanctuary’s furry residents that most desperately need a forever home.

1. Dexter

Dexter’s a widely-loved gentleman at Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary.

Whilst his four roommates jump all over you begging for cuddles, this quiet & cuddly companion will patiently wait by your side for his turn to get his ears rubbed. Having spent the last seven years at the sanctuary, Dexter has become very appreciative of human company – from both adults and kids alike – and is a pure delight to walk.

Favourite Things: Ear Rubs & Fresh Bedding

2. Kyra

Kyra’s the self-proclaimed queen of the sanctuary.

Despite being 12 years old, Kyra’s a sucker for the occasional walk; pamper her with a cold shower after that, and you’ve basically won her over. Being the mature little girl that she is, Kyra needs little to no training, and is at her best when she’s surrounded by humans of all sorts.

Favourite Things: Cold Showers & Chicken

3. Pippin

Pippin’s known as the sanctuary’s little superhero – and with reason.

This canine guardian angel has saved many sick dogs’ lives by repeatedly donating blood. This is quite an exhausting process, but this brave boy is always more than willing to help out a friend in need. To make up for the lost energy, Pippin gets extra cuddles from his friends, and often gives some back in the form of light nose nibbles.

Favourite Things: Nibbling Noses & Saving Lives

4. Noel & Dalmi

These guys are brothers from a different mother.

They say opposites attract, and that sure is true with this furry pair. Noel loves attention in all shapes and sizes, whilst Dalmi’s a bit shy and tentative of his surroundings. Despite their polarising personalities, these two companions complement each other perfectly, and there’s absolutely no way you’ll be taking them out for a walk without each other’s company.

Favourite Things: Long walks, Each other.

5. Tom, Dick & Harry

Tom, Dick, and Harry are the new kids on the block.

These five-month old boxer-cross puppies are some of the sanctuary’s newest additions, but they’re already stealing hearts. Having recently enjoyed their first cold bath together, these brothers are quickly getting used to life at the sanctuary and are already starting to show their true colours.

Favourite Things: Chew Toys & Playtime

Looking to give these pooches a loving forever home?

Simply get in touch with the sanctuary on their Facebook page or call on +356 79730900.

Alternatively, if you want to get a closer look at these balls of joy or just want to help the furry residents of Noah’s Ark out, the sanctuary welcomes volunteers and visitors everyday from 8:30am to 11:30am. Rest assured you will be left with a heart full of love and a few slobbery kisses.

It won’t be long before you’d want to take the entire sanctuary home with you.

Tag a friend who needs a dog in their life!

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