WATCH: This Maltese Chihuahua Driving A Car Is The Definition Of Thug Life

Wizz is an absolute natural

Once upon a time, Wizz the Chihuahua was a cowboy, roaming the streets in the south of Malta, keeping them safe from criminals and their ilk.

Soon after, he moved on. He has now been everything from a professional video gamer to an avid camper to a well-read intellectual in the canine world.

But now, he is following his true dream: to be an off-road competitive car driver.

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In a hilarious video posted to the Facebook page Wizz House, Wizz can be seen taking his car for a test ride, with his owner Warren chasing him right outside.

With a high chance of a profitable future in off-road competitions, Wizz is now focused on perfecting his racing game and landing some extreme stunts before heading abroad to compete with other driving dogs.

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At this point, we wouldn't be surprised to see Wizz in space, colonising Mars as an astronaut.

What other tricks do you want to see Wizz do?

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