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This Maltese NGO Is Determined To Rehome These Neglected Horses Abroad… And They Need Your Help

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RMJ’s Horse Rescue is on a mission to rehome seven horses… and they need your help.

RMJ is Malta’s only charity dedicated to rescuing and caring for severely neglected horses. They’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch recently, having faced abusive landlords and the possibility of closing their doors permanently.

And now that the racing season is over, the NGO finds itself with a list of new horses in need of a home.

Despite all these obstacles, the people of RMJ haven’t lost hope. In fact, they’re looking to fill an entire truck with horses to be sent abroad to loving homes, where they’ll retire in peace and enjoy the rest of their lives.

As you can imagine, sending a truck with seven horses can be quite costly and, given everything that RMJ’s staffers have been through, they’re in no position to do it alone.

That’s why they need your help.

RMJ has established a funding page to raise money so that they can afford to send these seven horses abroad to their forever home.

Their goal is to raise €10,000 and they’re only €3,000 short.

A video was posted yesterday with the following caption: “Hey guys! So we really need to reach the 7000 mark today so we can stay on target. We only have 14 days to go! ? In order to try and convince a couple of you to donate and help us reach 7000 we are going to introduce you to beautiful girl Xian Hornline who we are hoping to send back to her homeland in Sweden ??? Can you help us confirm her spot on the truck ? ?? Please click on the link to donate ♥️

“Now we just need to raise the funds. It’s a big amount we know but we are over 17,000 followers so if everyone just gives a little bit we will reach our target. We know you won’t let us down so please please help us,” RMJ posted on Facebook. 

With only two weeks left to reach the €10,000, the RMJ team need all the support they can get!

You can make a difference by donating to RMJ’s via this link.

Let’s work together to get these beautiful horses to their new home!

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