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Two Dogs Are Attacking People In Gzira And The Situation Is Getting Worse

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Reports have been coming in about a pair of dogs in Gzira that appear to be very aggressive towards anyone and anything crossing their paths over the last couple of months. And now, the situation appears to be getting more and more out of hand.

The dogs have been identified as two Dogo Argentinos, a large, white muscular breed that was primarily bred in Argetina for big-game hunting. It was first crossbred a hundred years ago from breeds like the Cordoba Fighting Dog, a dog infamous for its willingness to fight to the death and its very high tolerance for pain. 

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In September 2016, another Dogo Argentino belonging to the same owner was put down following an attack on a 70-year-old woman. It is believed that the two dogs which are currently terrorizing the area are this dog’s offspring. 


Since the incident in September, there have been at least five other people who have reported attacks by these dogs, with one victim saying she’s now terrified to get out of the house. “I saw two monsters running towards us. We thankfully didn’t have a baby with us, because they would’ve torn it to pieces.”

Humans aren’t the only victims of these two aggressive dogs. One woman said that she had to bury her cat after the dogs killed it on a night it was sleeping outside, and a lot of residents of Gzira have expressed similar concerns.


“We thankfully didn’t have a baby with us, because they would’ve torn it to pieces.”

While there has been serious public outcry over these incidents, with some even calling for the dogs to be put down, there has also been vocal protest against blaming (and killing) the dogs in these situations.


As it stands, the law currently stipulates a fine of €11,000 for negligence against an owner whose dog is proven to be a threat to people. The Maltese Court also has the power to order the dog to be put down. 

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