WATCH: Darius The Missing Cat Found In Maraskala And Is Now Reunited With His Owner

The couple who found him refused the €1000 reward money

Here's a bit of good news for you on a Sunday morning. Darius, the Oriental Shorthair cat who has been missing for a week, is now reunited with his family.

He was found by a Maltese couple yesterday in a cat colony in Maraskala to which they immediately informed the owner, Bernice Zammitt.

Bernice told Lovin Malta: “She called me asking if i'm the one looking for Darius. When I said yes, she told me he is here in my arms! She went to feed her stray cats and Darius jumped to her. She took him home and called me”.

The admins of the Facebook group Find Darius published a sentimental post thanking everyone who helped in the search.

The couple who found him refused the €1000 reward money however, the reward was given to help feed the stray cats in the area instead.

Hallelujah for that and welcome home little buddy!

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