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Watch: Majestic Dolphins Spotted Off St Paul’s Island Playing In Jet-Ski Currents

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The seafaring population is continuing a vigilant watch over the presence of intelligent social mammals in Maltese waters – as yet another video of a pod of dolphins playing in the currents generated at the bow of a boat has surfaced and been shared with Lovin Malta.

“This video was taken 100 – 150 metres away from St Paul’s Island,” said Ludwig Cassar, who was out on his jet-ski when he and his vessel were approached by between six and seven dolphins.

“I’ve never been this close to dolphins before,” said Cassar, “it was an amazing experience to have on a jet-ski, I was close enough to touch them”.

Cassar’s joy, moments after seeing two dolphins cut through the water within metres, was palpably expressed in a euphoric laugh.


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Cassar said that he was travelling at a speed of around eight knots when these mighty sea beasts approached – and that “about six or seven dolphins,” circled him, outpaced his boat, and played in the currents.

Though sailors have clear instructions not to approach dolphins when they are spotted, many maritime travellers are finding that they have no need to.

Dolphins in nearby waters keep gravitating towards boats – perhaps partially out of curiosity – but also very clearly because they know they can enjoy the surf created by engine-powered boats cutting through the waves.

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