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WATCH: Starving Cat Colony In Malta Risks Dog Attacks And Getting Run Over After Feeder Stops Showing Up

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A woman has taken to social media to call for help after finding a cat colony abandoned by its feeder, leaving them to starve and risk being run over or attacked by dogs.

In a video uploaded online, Anna-Maria Vella explained how the cats are no longer being fed. She doesn’t know what happened to the feeder who used to come at 5am, but they stopped feeding the cats about a month ago.

Vella desperately comments on the situation: “This is what I have to endure daily now, and I need urgent help… I honestly can’t take on more responsibility than I already do!”

The cats rush out of the farm as soon as they hear a car or people passing in the hopes of finding food, thereby risking to get run over, Vella writes.

She continues that the cats are also in danger of being eaten by dogs, which has already happened to three of them.

The cats are friendly, not neutered, and seven of them are lactating. She would save them herself, but has been on government wage supplements for a year and three months now.

Having her own cats, she can’t afford to also feed these cats and bring them to the vet. But, she says, if no one else does so they will suffer more than they already do.

In a comment, she writes there is no safe space for them to go: “It is built-up and poisoned everywhere, and there are people’s neglected dogs and cars driven by devils.”

Malta has a perennial problem with stray cat colonies, with feeders struggling to foot bills to pay for food and medical expenses, including neutering. Speaking to Lovin Malta, newly-appointed Animal Welfare Director Patricia Azzopardi stated how she intends to embark on a national campaign to encourage people to neuter their cats and dogs.

What do you think of Malta’s current situation regarding stray animals?

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