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WATCH: Wizz The Maltese Cowboy Dog Will Be Your New Favourite Viral Pet

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Nearly every dog knows a trick or two, but not every dog knows how to be a cowboy. But that’s not a problem Wizz, the Cowboy Dog has. 

Wizz is a two-year-old chihuahua with an energy for life, whose only mission is to have fun and make everyone laugh. 

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He has a very easy going temperament, especially for a chihuahua, and in the words of his owner Warren Pulis, “he loves everything. He’s so amazing. He loves to go out to dinner and get coffee as well”.

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Warren tells Lovin Malta that Wizz entered his life unexpectedly one day, while at work. 

“I’ve never had dogs in my life. I work at Lourdes Service Station and I do car service. I had done an A/C service on my friend’s car and he had no money that time. After a year of reminding him, one day he came and he told me “there’s a small box… go and take it,” I said to him “what box?”

And lo and behold, Wizz was on his way to Facebook stardom – even though Warren wasn’t sure about adopting him at first since he was taking care of his grandfather at the time.

“I didn’t want to take him because I already had a alot of responsibility with my grandad, I used to take care of Nannu, but he’s passed away, so I decided to keep him – and he’s changed my life, literally!! He’s soo smart, he’s the best thing that ever happened to my life!” beamed Warren.

Warren decided to keep Wizz, and the rest is history. He soon realised what a curious, disciplined and energetic dog he was, and as an energetic person himself, Wizz was the perfect pet for Warren.

At first Wizz was “a bit paranoid,” with all the videos, “but then he got used to it, he’s too smart,” said Warren.

Here he is playing dead:

Here he is driving to his workplace:

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Here he is camping over the summer months:

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Sometimes he even steps into the rap game and drops some bars. This is him after stepping out of a recording studio:

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He can even kick your ass in Call of Duty, as long as he is playing sniper that is.

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It seems like you will be seeing much more of Wizz in the coming months if Warren has anything to do with it. 

“I’m taking a professional filming course at the moment,” said Warren, “I have a load of ideas and very funny videos with Wizz – this is really just the beginning!”

What do you think should be Wizz’s next career after cowboy? Let us know in the comments below!

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