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‘We Need All The Help We Can Get’, Maltese Cat Feeder Is On A Mission To Provide Feral Cats With A Home Forever

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Maltese people have a sweet spot for cats. But the ever-growing population of our feline friends is increasing the burden on the island’s cat feeders, which has only got worse during these tough times.

Miriam Borg Debrincat has been out of a job since the coronavirus pandemic hit but that hasn’t stopped her from going out of her way and into her own pocket to feed a colony of 50 stray cats.

“When I had a job I used to feed them from my own pocket, I didn’t make a fuss about it.”

“But when things started to go downhill, I created a Facebook page to get some help,” she said.

Miriam founded Kitty Guardians For Strays back in April when she took it upon herself to feed the stray colony amid the coronavirus pandemic after the previous feeder couldn’t risk going outside due to old age.


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“A gentleman used to feed them but he has to remain home because he’s 65. I think it’s time that someone took over.”

What started out as an honest attempt to help out the poor creatures has turned into a full-on mission to create a sanctuary where homeless cats will be homeless no more…

But building a cat sanctuary has proven to be anything but easy.


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“I make do with what I have, I install shelters and shelters for food but it’s not enough.”

“We have a lot of sanctuaries in Malta but they’re always full – even when it comes to dogs and other animals. If I get enough funds I would love to have a sanctuary where they’ll be safer and where we can keep them under control,” Miriam explained.

Miriam’s dream to open a cat sanctuary is also a solution to the problem of Malta’s ever-growing stray cats problem – which is both a result of rampant breeding and abandonment.

“Behind the scenes, nobody knows what’s going. It’s not that we have a lot of unneutered cats nowadays but we still have people who get fed up with them and just open the door.”

“That’s why the population of feral cats grows.”


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And week-by-week, Miriam’s cat colony grows bigger with the addition of two new cats last week with one showing signs of cancer.

“We first need to find someone who is willing to sponsor a piece of land or who will let lease some for a small amount of money.”

“But at this point in time, it’s any help we can get really. I’ve had people donating shelters and food already but we need to get the wheels rolling,” Miriam said.

Miriam’s dream isn’t just to open a cat sanctuary but to help other feeders with their missions too.

“I have this dream, that in the future, we would be able to help other feeders. As they say in Maltese, il-ftit mingħand il-ħafna.”

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