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‘Why Aren’t You Helping Us?’: Maltese Animal Activist Blasts Authorities, Says Shelters And Activists Are Drowning

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A leading Maltese animal activist had some scathing words for authorities, warning that with little regulation and policy, shelters and people like her were left deeply struggling to help animals in need.

“We’re not far away from animals being put to sleep. It’s always the innocent which suffer the brunt when the government doesn’t take action,” Maxine Borg wrote.

“Those in charge need to focus and give priority to this huge problem, she continued, in a top-down approach and not the other way around.”

Borg warned that while sanctuaries and activists are doing their utmost to home cats and dogs found on the streets, there simply aren’t enough homes for all these animals and there “never will be”.

“We need proper enforcement, breeding control, and neutering campaigns, not killing animals and then blaming the population for not adopting. Not everyone can get a pit bull or a sizable dog.”

Borg questioned whether the lack of political motivation boiled down to votes.

“Stop prioritising useless things and help the animals. You’re helping other sectors so what is the issue here? Is it a lack of votes?”

Borg’s grilling words come a day after pyjama-wearing animal activists laid down outside the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Regulation Division (VRD) offices in Marsa, to protest inaction over a now-indefinitely postponed circus act.

Last summer, Borg and other animal rights activists issued ten proposals to improve the state of animal welfare across the country.

What do you make of Borg’s words?

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