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PICS: A Look Back At The Biggest And Most Shocking Moments At Isle Of MTV

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As everyone is gearing up for this year’s edition of Isle Of MTV, we all nostalgically reminisce about our favourite moments from the past years. Here are some highlights, as photographed by MTV’s house photographer Rene Rossignaud

1. Lady Gaga

Aka: “Who the fuck is this crazy woman in a latex catsuit?”

 Remember thinking ‘why is she saying the phrase disco stick‘, or dancing to her ‘brand new single’ Just Dance? Well the confusion was probably due to the fact that Malta was her first international performance, and by the time she returned a year later, she was already a superstar.

Lady Gaga 0006
Lady Gaga 68

2. Snoop Dogg

Aka: The coolest person to take to the stage

He was also one of the biggest names to fly over for the concert. Way before Wiz Khalifa had even heard of Malta, Snoop was busy smoking joints around the island and kicking out journalists who insulted his lack of punctuality.

Snoop Dog Mtv 2011 003
Snoop Dog Photocall 008

3. Jessie J

Aka: The star who stopped performing to break up a fight

The singer may have delivered some of the show’s top vocals, but those had to be put on hold after a fight broke out while she was singing. Ever the pacifist Jessie J halted everything until the incident was resolved.

Jessie J Malta 2013 028 1
Jessie J Malta 2013 017

4. Nicole Scherzinger and Enrique Iglesias

Aka: Someone get them a room

What happens when two of the hottest performers in the business take to the stage together? Well, a lot of tension builds up and needs to be resolved. Everyone in the audience that night wished they were up there instead of Nicole or Enrique…

Well, everyone except the girl who kissed Enrique a total of three bloody times.

Enrique Iglesias Nicole Scherzinger 011
Enrique Iglesias 00032

Literally all of us

5. Adam Levine

Aka: Not sure why your band is here, everyone’s just looking at you

The heartthrob managed the impossible as he took to the stage and seemed to get even more crazy screaming fans than Iglesias. And honestly, can you blame them?

Maroon 5 Concert 0017

6. Wiz Khalifa

Aka: A masterclass in pissing off parents

Imagine convincing your parents to let you go to your first ever Isle of MTV experience, only to have that ruined by one of the star performers posting a video of himself smoking a joint on Snapchat. #Classic

Wiz Khalifa 011

7. Black Eyed Peas

Aka: Please sing ‘Where Is The Love’

The group knows how to get a party started, and when they took to the stage for one of their final big performances together the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Black Eyed Peas 45

8. Steve Aoki

Aka: Let them have cake

The drops were exciting, but nothing gets a crowd of Maltese people as excited as having a cake hurled straight at their faces.

Steve Aoki 025

9. You guys

Aka: Seriously these crowds were insane

Year after years tens of thousands of people pour in to watch the show. Without the audience cheering them on, the big names of the acts won’t mean very much. 

Isle Of Mtv 2015 010
Iomtv 2012 002
Iomtv 2016 040

This year’s Isle of MTV concert is happening next Tuesday – so if you want to be a part of the island’s biggest music event, clear your schedule and get excited.

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