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PODCAST: How Pizzas And Sex Are Nothing Alike, And Why We Need Arya Stark In Maltese Movies

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Sunday morning means a nice strong coffee, two slices of toast and a nice friendly podcast to get your ready to face the day.

Today’s episode of Before Brunch is the season one finale, and we are going out with a bang as we talk about all the thing we loved and hated from across the island this week.

From discussions on why is pizza being used in an elaborate sex metaphor and how long until we see more stars like Game of Throne’s Masie Williams in Maltese productions, Rachel and Chucky leave no stone unturned for you to be as informed as possible at the brunch table.

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Episode seven is the season finale of Before Brunch, a weekly podcast that came out every single Sunday to discuss all the topics you’ll be discussing on the brunch table. We’re coming back bigger and better than ever in 2019, so if you’re interested in partnering with us on future projects, just get in touch.

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