Malta’s Most Common Interior Design Mistakes... And How To Avoid Them

Everyone loves sitting on plastic Na!

B Eauitifulk House

We can all recognise certain mistakes - like the cringe-fest that is our nanniet’s plastic covered sofas and weird doll toilet paper covers. That was some crazy design faux pas back in the day, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, our generation has become pretty good at maintaining that level of terrifying interior mistakes.

So let’s start softly and ease our way into these unforgiving interior décor no-no’s.

1. Dust-collecting displays


What is it that has been implanted in our DNA that makes us displaying useless pieces of clutter on our shelves? Sure, bare shelves can be ugly, but shelves with ugly things on them are also ugly.

Solution: opt for a well organised and layered effect, with a mix of books, pictures and items of interest you may have picked up on your travels. 


2. Displays with no displays

4  So Yeah Welcome To My Minimal Home Guys

So yeah, the robbers just came and cleaned everything out...

So you like the minimal look? Great! Do you achieve it by having a bare home? Absolutely not! Minimal means that things are orderly and organised, no clutter and, as the word implies, a minimal amount of décor, but unless you’re on a strict budget, your room needs some shelf fillers, and it’s also a great way of injecting some of your personality into the space.

5  Their Open Cabinets Are Filled With Books We Cant Believe It

How to rock the minimal look

3. Shiny, happy furniture

high gloss

High gloss and no colour makes a space look clinical

Xtrajtu gloss’ ‘Il-mejda gloss ukoll, bis-saqqajn chrome ileqq

Okay, we get it, somewhere along the line you were brainwashed into believing that everything that is glossy is also more beautiful. Although it has its place in some homes, it doesn’t mean you need to turn your kitchen / living into an exhibition of reflective surfaces.

Solution: choose matte surfaces, and bring in some colour that can both soften the space up and brighten the mood.

7  Dont Be Afraid To Use Colour The Difference Can Be Dramatic

Colour saves lives

4. Brown on brown... on brown

8  The Colour Brown Hasnt Been Used To Its Full Potential Leaving The Space Looking A Little Flat

Being Mediterranean I completely understand the love for a neutral palette. It's calming and works well with our sunny climate. But like all things, moderation is key!

Solution: If you like brown and want to implement it in your home, use different textures. They will add warmth to the space and still maintain the streamlined effect you want. Getting the right balance can sometimes be tricky, so try pairing brown with colours that add pops of vibrance here and there to give your space a layered effect.

9  Different Textures Of Wood Stone And Fabrics Bring A Luxury Feel To The Space

Textures make everything better

5. Full On Fuss!

10  Kollox The Best

Have you ever walked into someone’s expensive home, expecting to find an elegant space then just being utterly shocked cause you feel like you just walked into the set of a porn movie? This my friends, is where the phrase 'money doesn’t buy you class' truly stands out.

There’s this perception that buying the most expensive things means you get the nicest things. Many of you are probably aware that this is not the case.

Solution: less is more, so sometimes you need to fight the feeling of wanting over-the-top furniture and try something a little subtle and understated. Your home will still stand out, and in the best way possible!

12  A More Down To Earth Space

Design is a very subjective topic and there are always exceptions to the rules! If you have any, send them to us on [email protected]

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