New Maltese Company Turns Wooden Pallets Into Beautifully Unique Pieces Of Furniture

The only way is upcycling

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If you've been to an outdoor venue in Malta before, chances are you've seen some very unique and creative uses for wooden pallets. Used for anything from tables to entire stages, they can really add an authentic feel to the already very summery Maltese atmosphere. A new Maltese company wants to take all of that, and bring it straight to your home.

This is Pallet 42

A collaboration between two friends Michael Bonnici Kind and Daniel Micallef Borg, Pallet 42 was founded just over a month ago, but they've already worked on a couple of significant projects around the island. The philosophy behind the team is devilishly simple; building unique, long-lasting furniture and fittings by upcycling pallets and other materials. 

As the duo explain, "the aim of this project is not solely to decorate homes with our touch, but to give something back to societies who are in need of help." And they sure seem like they're off to a good start, very regularly sharing their various projects; from cute tables (with even cuter back stories!) and adorable wall-pieces, to kitchen cupboards and entire outdoor sofas.

The team has also already worked with other prominent Maltese establishments like The Pulled Meat Company and Boho Hostel on a coupe of projects. The rustic wine racks and impressive wooden feature at these places are in fact all works of Pallet 42, with the team giving regular updates on the entire processes. 

In fact, if there's one thing Pallet 42 seem to have perfectly down as much as wood, it's social media. Frequently posting behind the scenes photos and videos, the guys are equal parts informative and hilarious. 

And in between posting sneaky photos of a quick nap or Mike high-fiving a tree because "he loves wood so much", some of their Facebook posts are #SocialMediaGoals

And whether or not the whole high-fiving a tree was a joke or not, the guys clearly share a great deal of passion for their job. They've even gone so far as to name previous works, christening this beautiful V-table Valerie, and posting a heartfelt farewell when it ended up going to Boho Hostel.

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