POLL: Stunning St. Julian's Glass And Concrete House With See-Through Roof Swimming Pool Divides The Nation

Is it a hideous specimen of soulless modern architecture, or literally the most gorgeous house in Malta?

Lovin Malta Architecture House B Poll

Wherever you look, Malta has become one big sea of property. And in between bright façade colours and towering blocks, it's getting increasingly difficult to stand out in your neighbourhood. But sometimes, less is way more.

One St. Julian's house in has just taken this philosophy to its absolute max, justifiably so getting a whole lot of reactions in the process.

The house, previously an old terraced house in St. Julian's, was demolished and reconstructed courtesy of Italian studio architrend. The result? A minimalist's wet dream built out of reinforced concrete, with a massive, two-storey glazed glass façade that helps it stand all the way out from the traditional buildings that surround it.

Oh, and it's also got a see-through swimming pool on the roof... because of course.

Screenshot 2019 04 23 At 16 11 17
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Aptly named house B, the modern structure has an interior that's as impressive as its exterior, with a whole lot of natural light thanks to its double height entrance lobby.

In short, it's basically straight out of Pinterest, and as jarring as it may look in between the two older townhouses on either side, it sure is a sight to behold, even getting its own feature on renowned online architecture magazine designboom.

Screenshot 2019 04 23 At 16 11 28
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But while some people were absolutely in love with the new house, others were just not here for it

Some criticised the absolute lack of privacy offered by the huge glazed facade, while others complained about house b having absolutely no place in the St. Julian's street.

Others however, echoed local photographer Malta Doors' reaction, who said she was left "positively swooning" at the design.

Lovin Malta Houseb Reactions See Through Swimming Pool

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