POLL: Will The Sliema Townsquare Project Actually Be Stalled By Public Outcry?

How much will all the fist-thumping actually amount to?

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A visualisation from the NGO Din l-Art Ħelwa showing the Sliema Townsquare project as seen from Birgu to Valletta sparked outrage on Facebook this week. The high-rise debate is back, and this time we're wondering how far it will actually go.

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The public were up in arms when Din l-Art Ħelwa warned that "the 38-storey Townsquare skyscraper would destroy the historic skyline of Valletta from the other side of Grand Harbour".

Meanwhile, TownSquare Sliema Ltd, the developers spearheading the 38-storey tower in Sliema, have said that the NGOs visualisations "are grossly inaccurate and are aimed at misleading public opinion".

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Then two days ago, he Planning Authority appeals tribunal approved the appeals filed against the Townsquare high-rise project in a decision described as "a victory for civil society," by Malcolm Mifsud, Din l-Art Ħelwa's lawyer. 

The Planning Authority argued that the board's decision should not have been appealed seeing as the bodies appealing (Din l-Art ĦelwaFlimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar, Friends of the Earth, Ramblers Association, and the Qui-si-Sana residents' association) had been represented on the authority when the major project was considered.

But will anything concrete come of this appeal approval? Will this latest development throw a real spanner in the works for the building of this controversial high-rise project? Well... what do you think?

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