These Luxurious St. Julian's Airbnbs Are Perfect For A Maltese Bucket List

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The Airbnb craze has taken the whole world by storm, and these last couple of months have seen some beautiful Maltese properties take center-stage. 

While Valletta has some gorgeous Airbnbs (as is to be expected from the capital city), St. Julian's is also bringing the heat when it comes to luxury homes-away-from-home. Here are seven properties that will have you reconsidering wherever you're staying.

1. A Townhouse with a Classical Twist

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This luxury townhouse comes with a large pool area equipped with dining table, chairs and sun loungers, but its impressive interior is definitely the highlight. 

2. Duplex Highlife Vibes

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Accommodating six people, this three-bedroom duplex-penthouse has its own private pool and jacuzzi with some impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea and Portomaso Tower. It also comes with an office space catering to up to four people, just in case work beckons.

3. The Hot Tub Villa

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A property that accommodates 10 people and is walking distance from every possible amenity is already amazing, but that huge hot tub is where it's really at. The villa is on two levels, and even has a games room in the lower level, in case you somehow get bored of the hot tub.

4. The Classic Bungalow Beauty

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Some of you might've already noticed this bungalow when trying to park for a night out at Paceville. Located on a hill overlooking St. George's Bay, it features a huge pool and BBQ area, and is easily one of the most central properties out there which still manage to offer some quite down-time.

5. The Wolf of Balluta Bay

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Being housed in a new building, this penthouse is as modern as they get. But we're willing to bet you wouldn't really want to stay too long indoors, what with its super spacious terrace that actually has a six person jacuzzi and a surrounding bar area.

6. All the Views

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With a name like The Aviary Penthouse, you know exactly what you're going in for. Referred to as "the cream of the crop in the area", its stunning views of both the Spinola and Balluta bays are a breathtaking sight to behold.

7. How about an actual Palazzo?

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Yep, the palazzo. The ultra-luxurious Villa Rosa palace has become synonymous with beautiful classical architecture in St. Julian's, and apart from its huge garden, guests also have a very big terrace set next to a hall and kitchen. Ant the views? Oh, the views.

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