This Is The Cheapest Way To Heat Your Home In Malta

Time to crank it up

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Home heating is always a struggle in Malta due to the poor insulation found in most houses, but according to a study by the national broadcaster TVM, the cheapest way of doing it is actually with an airconditioner. Considering most people who have airconditioning still equip themselves with electric or gas heaters for the winter, this whole revelation feels kind strange.

But why take our word for it, here are the numbers as worked out by TVM's energy expert, who finds that an AC is more than twice as efficient.

1. Conventional portable electric heater: 3kWh - €0.40c / hour at current average residential rates

2. LPG gas bottle heater or stove: 0.25kg of LPG - €0.30c / hour at current gas prices

3. Electric airconditioner in heat mode: 1kWh - €0.13c / hour at current average residential rates

Got a better way of calculating the most efficient way to heat your home? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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