8 Maltese Gambles That May Be Incredible Or The Worst Thing You'll See Today

50% chance of paradise, 50% chance of pain

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IMPORTANT: Please read this before scrolling down.

A growing trend on Reddit (a site notorious for its darker sense of humour) is a game called the 50/50 challenge. The rules are simple: you are presented with two descriptions for a link, and only one of them is true.

One description sounds beautiful, the other horrific. When you click the link, you go in knowing there's a 50% chance you'll be pleasantly surprised, and 50% chance you'll be scarred for life. If you're excited for this challenge, scroll down for the Maltese version. Warning: It may be NSFW.

1. A super hot photo of Ira Losco or a Maltese stripper fail?

Find out here.

Giphy Facebook S

2. A gorgeous sunset over Dingli or a Maltese man sucking the pus out of a boil? 

Find out here.

200 S

3. A baby hedgehog napping in Malta's countryside or a Maltese man who lost his finger to an industrial machine? 

Find out here.


4. A butterfly snapped at Chadwick lakes or a bucket of wirdien

Find out here.


5. Adorable puppies at New York Best or a crucified dog in Mosta? 

Find out here.

Nervous Cover

6. A cute Nanna singing Xemx or a Nanna getting beaten up by a Maltese policeman?

Find out here.

Giphy Facebook S 1

7. A young Maltese model posing or a young Maltese model after painful accident?

Find out here.

200 S 1

8. A delicious traditional Maltese meal or a dog projectile vomiting?

Find out here.


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