EXCLUSIVE: Lovin Malta Teams Up With Quizando To Create The Ultimate 2016 Highlights Quiz

Time to get your quiz on


Lovin Malta has teamed up with Quizando – the Maltese team behind online trivia quizzes that could have you earning some pocket change for all those useless Secret Santa events this Christmas.

We've put together a quiz that is all about life in Malta in 2016, and of course we've thrown in a few Lovin Malta–specific questions in there to suss out our die-hard fans. #HadTo

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Don't waste anymore time!

You can take the quiz right here and now. Good luck, cheating by going through all the Lovin Malta articles before taking it will not be penalised. 

Quizando Screenshot

Click the image to take the quiz!

If the link doesn't work, click here to take the quiz.

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