Here's How The Maltese Pronounce Those Tricky Food-Words

Did your version win?

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Since most Maltese locals are able to speak both English and Maltese with relative ease, it's no surprise that there are many words we just cannot agree on the pronunciation of. 

So we decided to ask how you say these words, and over three thousand have spoken loud and proud. Here's how they sounded.

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1. It was a tight finish for the Ri-kotta (51%) vs Ir-kotta (47%) battle

In the end Ri-kotta won by a measly 4%. It's also interesting to note that only 2% chose the djalett- style Ar-kotta.

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2. A whopping 21% sound the 'l' in salmon

We knew some of these would be a close call, but we certainly didn't see this one coming.


3. Key-no-ah (57%) is the favourite version of Quinoa 

A discussion found beyond our shores, it seems the people's choice is key-no-ah as opposed to key-nwah.

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4. Toasty bread is most-popularly called Broosh-ketta

This battle pitted broosh-ketta (67%) against arch nemesis brus-ketta (33%)


5. Hallelujah, most people know how to say Lasagna

92% of voters pronounce it la-zan-yah, as opposed to the weird, 8% strong la-zan-yeeah crowd.

Lasagna 1

6. Ira's ice cream is as divisive as ever

You'd think since the brand is Italian, a lot more than 66% of voters would pronounce it as Muhn-yoom - but you'd be wrong. Pronouncing the 'g' in Magnum is the go-to for 34% of our audience.


7. 'Ex'-presso is the coffee of choice for 4%

That's right - not espresso, ex-presso. 4%. That is all.


8. Fuck what the Mexicans have to say - 51% will pronounce the 'l' in tortilla 

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