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QUIZ: Find Out Your Kwarantina Personality By Answering These 5 Questions

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Billions of people’s lives from all over the world have been directly affected by the spread of COVID-19, and 2020 has proven that it does take something as big as a global pandemic for everyone’s true colours to come out. But in the face of it all, what have you been?

Malta has seen everything from panicky preppers getting ready to hunker down for years, to joking deniers who have carried on with their lives as if nothing ever happened. It’s also seen every single shade in between, so where do you fit in? Well, we’re here to help you finally figure that out.

Answer these five simple questions, and we’ll tell you what your personal piece of the puzzle is in Malta’s COVID-19 saga. And to top it all off, we’ll even tell you how you can go about showing it to everyone else!

With some semblence of normality slowly creeping back onto our shores, Lovin Malta has teamed up with Souvenirs That Don’t Suck for a special line of COVID-themed t-shirts, socks, coasters and posters that’ll serve as the perfect memento of this fucked up time.

From our super daily update queen to the ever-elusive toilet paper roll, there’s something for everyone… whether you’re a jovial government cheerleader or a jittery conspiracy theorist.

If the quiz below does not appear, click on this link.

So, what type of person have you been during this pandemic? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who needs to take the test!

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Sarcastically ironic, Dave is a recovering hipster musician with a penchant for chicken, women's clothes and Kanye.

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