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6 Signs It’s Already Way Too Hot To Function In Malta

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As summer quickly rolls around, some might fall into the annual trap of forgetting how quickly summer’s heat beats us down.

1. Forgetting your sunglasses at home and spending a day filled with regret

It might’ve been OK (or at least not a huge problem) if you left the house without sunglasses until a couple of weeks ago, but if you do that now, get ready to feel the full wrath of that ball of fire hanging above you.

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2. Touching your car’s steering wheel and realizing it’s approximately 7,594°C

Welcome to the hottest object on the planet. You better be ready for some second-degree burns at the thought of even remotely touching the steering wheel. 

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3. Constantly getting your outfit completely wrong

Sure, the sun’s out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s also unbearably hot, right? 


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Except for that day when it’s actually still very fresh and you end up finding yourself in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.


4. Wearing anything black and wanting to die

You know what’s worse than having too many clothes on when it’s hot? Going through the effort of wearing short sleeves… but forgetting how unforgiving anything black can be.


5. Leaving any part of your body exposed to sunlight for more than 15 seconds

Nothing says patriotic like having a farmer’s tan that makes your arm resemble the Maltese flag. Time to spend your evening sticky and smelly with that sweet sweet AfterSun

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6. Fighting over AC temperatures at work

There’s always that one person who’s boiling and that other one who’s freezing. If you’re neither of these then you’re probably just stuck there slowly dying as they passively aggressively switch between North Pole and Sahara temperatures. 

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