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Slay All Day: Ira Losco’s 6 Fabulous Outfits For X Factor Malta’s Auditions

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It’s no secret that Malta’s sweetheart Ira Losco is not only a great singer but also a fashion icon. And if you had any doubt about this, the first leg of X Factor Malta is solid proof.

Now that auditions are over, before we move in to bootcamp, let’s have a look at the #Lewks that Ira has been blessing us with over the past few weeks. Also, I really need her stylist to give my wardrobe the Robert Agius treatment.

1. This Malta-inspired bodysuit

Designed by Maltese fashion powerhouse Charles & Ron, this dress reminded everyone that she’s celebrity royalty with a strong palazzo aesthetic.


2. A bomb-ass bomber jacket

Yellow sunnies inside is a look that not many of us can pull off… especially with that jacket.


3. Ira in baby pink is my new sexuality

And those braids? Iconic.

Tulisa eat your heart out.


4. This cute little red dress

She truly is Malta’s sweetheart.


5. This other cute little red dress

Feat. a cute moment with the show’s hunk of a host, Ben Camille.


6. A Greek Goddess™

Aphrodite is shook.


BONUS: This one we haven’t seen yet

Dominatrix Eleganza Extravaganza.

It’s safe to say that Ira and her stylist Robert know how to create a killer look or two, and we cannot wait to see what they come up with for the live shows!

Tag a friend who needs some fashion inspo!

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