53-Year-Old Maltese Woman Ranks First In Gruelling International Crossfit Challenge

Five other Maltese athletes made it to the final; two of which scored a podium position

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Powering through a weekend of intense exercise, Maltese athlete Suzanne Grima proved that age really is just a number.

The 53-year-old powerhouse came first in her group after a gruelling circuit that included handstand pushups, rope climbing and running while carrying literal logs.

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In total five Maltese athletes flew up to the competition and all of them did well enough to qualify for the final event. In the end, three of the five Maltese competitors snatched a podium position with Suzanne coming first in the 50+ group, Pamela Psaila placing second and Daryl Psaila third in their respective 35+ groups.

Repping crossfit centre The Pit, the athletes started training intensely over one month ago, and were coached by Daryl himself, who is extremely proud of the work the whole team put in to achieve such awesome results in a competition with over 600 other competitors.

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The Maltese athletes (Left to right: Daryl Psaila, Franklin Cachia, Pamela Psaila, Suzanne Grima, Jessica Borg Ghio)

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Suzanne says her victory means a lot. "I've been physically active all my life, and have always had a 'go hard or go home' attitude," she explains. "Four years ago I found Crossfit, and the satisfaction it gives, the small variations that constantly keep you on your toes and the amazing community and support you find is like nothing else."

"There will be many stumbling blocks, but you just have to keep focused and go for even more. You go into every workout knowing it's going to be a tough one, but the sense of accomplishment when you finish, gasping for breath, is like no other."

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