8 Adorable Pups Who Found New Homes In Malta

Because every dog deserves a loving home!


A few weeks back we wrote a post about the furry friends over at Malta's SPCA who are looking for a new home!

What we didn't expect was to see so many of our readers sharing their dog's adoption experience and posting some adorable photos to boot!

1. James - adopted from The Island Sanctuary Malta

He may be huge, but he's a big softie at heart!


2. Walter (aka Reuben) - adopted from MSPCA

Walter/Reuben's expressive eyes are just too cute to handle!


3. Ruby - adopted from MSPCA

This story generates all the warm and fuzzies. From a photo posted on our page, Reuben and Ruby (whose owners believe they may be siblings) have scheduled a reunion for the two pups who once shared a cage and a whole lot of love!


4. Skully - adopted from Gozo SPCA

Skully is one lucky pup, as his parents have taken in two strays off the streets, and adopted two others from the Gozo SPCA. Now they're one big fluffy family!


5. Piccola - adopted from MSPCA

Piccola is more than just a pretty face! She loves a good swim, and brings joy to everyone she meets.


6. Wallace - adopted from Animal Welfare

How can you not spoil such an adorable pup!


7. Lulu - adopted from AAA

Lulu's been living the good life at her new home for over six years now!


8. Mika - adopted from MSPCA

Mika has spent two beautiful years in a happy home since being adopted from the MSPCA.


Did you adopt a dog recently? Please share your photos with us in the comments on Facebook!

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