6 Adorable #DogsOfMalta You Need To Follow

Treat your feed to some adorable puppies



This beautiful ball of fluff is a natural in front of the camera; she's also got some pretty slick moves with a skateboard.


The tiny Dachshund with the huge personality; Buzz is the "hot dog from Malta"


Ollie's tiny tongue sticking out in every photo makes our hearts melt a little bit, each time we see it.


The most stylish dog on the Island, Harely knows exactly how to work his angles.


This ridiculously cute Amstaff is living the life. When he's not exploring the great outdoors, he's snuggled up next to his humans (waiting for belly rubs and watermelon).


Bat-eared and beautiful, Milly is a part time model, and a full time bundle of cute.

Bonus: Grace

Despite being a goat, Grace has earned herself an honorary mention. The Instagram account may belong to her human, but when you're as cute as Grace you end up the star of every single shot. Some of you may also recognise her as the star of Lovin Malta's promo video.

Do you have an Instagram account for your pet? Send it to us!

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Chucky Bartolo

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