Apparently, Tennis Superstar Novak Djokovic Is Moving To Kalkara

Check out his €5 million luxury apartment!

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Tennis' world number two Novak Djokovic's new home in Miami is as impressive as they get, with The Mirror giving a sneak peak into the superstar athlete's new €5 million luxury apartment. But that's exactly where it is... in Miami.

And while it's nearly 9,000 kilometres away from Maltathe renders of the beautiful apartment have just shown up somewhere else...  in a set of new apartments in Kalkara.

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The eerily hilarious connections to Malta don't end there, though, with the luxurious three-bedroom Miami apartment being designed by famed architect Renzo Piano (who was behind Valletta's radical renovations). Oh and yeah, its location is south of what's known as the Surfside community.

This issue came to light when some Facebook users pointed out the similarities between the Miami apartments and the new development in Kalkara, called The Shoreline.

So yeah, it turns out Novak Djokovic isn't moving to Malta after all... but if you really like the look of the new luxury apartment he's moving in to, we're apparently getting an exact replica in Kalkara.


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