The Best Places To Watch Tonight's Big Game

It's all about the crowds!


Another day, another huge Euro 2016 game. Tensions are high ahead of tonight's big game between Italy and Germany; more so because last week saw the end of the road for the English team (and with it the dreams of approximately half our island). With so much riding on each game, where you watch it will make all the difference.

1. Euro Village, St. Julian's

The Euro Village at BeachGarden boasts two huge LED screens and a self-service beergarden option. What more could you need?

Euro Village

Photo: Energycasino

2. Fat Harrys, Bugibba

With amazing beer and food, football at Fat Harrys is just one more reason Bugibba is becoming the place to be.

Fat Harrys

3. Charles Bar, Swatar

Known for more than just the amazing (and free) food they give with their drinks, Charles Bar also shows the games on three huge screens (although yo might want to call and book a table ahead of time to avoid disappointment).

4. Spinola Bay, St. Julian's

Despite causing a few rows with neighbors in the past, the walkway just behind the LOVE sign will be packed with fans watching the match in the most open-air environment possible. If you can't make it to the game, you can always just watch the supporters online and try to guess who's winning.


Photo: Mike Barry

5. Surfside, Sliema

When your food is named after different footballers, you know you're a legit sports bar. You can also cool off after a big game by walking all of 5 meters and jumping into the sea.

6. Malta National Aquarium, San Pawl il-Bahar

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only does our national aquarium show the match, they do it in style on a giant 3 x 6 meter screen.

Fish Football

Artist's impression of the match.

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