16 #CatsOfMalta Give The Puppies A Run For Their Money

Calling all crazy cat ladies!


We've had 3 adorable compilations of puppies, but we've realised our feline friends don't get enough love. And when we asked to see more #CatsOfMalta, you guys delivered!  Here are some of our faves.

1. The daring cat

2. The helpful cat 

3. The grumpy, shaved cat

4. The patriotic cat, eating galletti 

5. The fat cat

6. The thirsty cat

7. The adorable twins

8. The shy cat

9. The fisher-cat 

10. The tired, Sliema cat

11. The cat who needs to stretch (downward dog?)

12. ALL the sleepy cats

BONUS: Cat Monument - because that's how much we love cats 

Tag us in your photos or send us a Snap if you've been giving some love to cats in Malta!

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