Extreme Slacklining In Malta Will Excite You And Freak You Out At The Same Time

Talk about walking on water

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There is a new way for you to see Malta, and it doesn't involve land. Slacklining has officially made its way to Malta, and judging by the first few adventurous souls, slacklining may be the newest and coolest thing to dare your friends to do in Malta.

Slacklining is straightforward: all you need is two anchors, a long suspended piece of webbing, a lot of training, and one brave soul. Use your sense of balance to keep your footing as you walk across some of the most beautiful spots in Malta.

If you want to try Slacklining, Slackliner Maltais a great place to start. Offering some of the most unique slacklining spots around, they also offer a day of slacklining as a team building exercise.

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Photo: Slackliner Malta

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Photo: Slackliner Malta

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Photo: You gotta start somewhere

Are you brave enough to try Slacklining in Malta? Tag a friend who would be up for it in the comments below!

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