Get All Your BMX And Biking Gear At These Maltese Stores

Everything from the bikes to the equipment to the clothes

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The Malta BMX Association was founded in 1986, and ever since, BMX biking has enjoyed a tight and dedicated fanbase in Malta. Maltese BMX riders have travelled abroad to compete in competitions representing the country, and last year the very first BMX backflip was successfully landed in Malta.

With the BMX scene becoming more and more professional, there is a need for better and more diverse BMX stores, to supply all the riders with the gear and replacements they might need.

Here are some of the best stores to get your BMX-related gear.

1. Wheel Wizard


Offering a massive range of brands like Orbea, Orca, Continental, Drag, Carnac, and Orca, this store also has an owner that really understands the importance of excellent after-sales service.

2. The Cyclist

San Gwann

Jack Schiavone, managing director of the cyclist cycle shop, has had a long and distinguished sporting history when it comes to bike racing in Malta. One of the few locals to wear the prestigious red jersey of the Tour ta' Malta, he has since turned his attention to providing the finest service on the island. 

3. Magri Bikes


Magri Cycles first started trading in the year 1889 by Michelina Magri. Over a century has passed since Magri’s first customer in 1889. The success of Magri's lies in the ability and the passion of its founding members to look ahead as well as the commitment to improve the service for its loyal customers. 

Today, Magricycles backed by Paul and his assistants Andrew and Patrick, offers what they call the "best after sales service on the local market."

4. Epic No Limits


Epic No Limits have one aim: to bring out the best in every individual, not only by bringing the biggest brands to Malta an affordable price, but by offering sponsorship schemes to BMX riders. 

5. Jump Street


While technically not a BMX store, this place has tons of cool stuff that most BMX riders would be interested in, with all the skate equipment you could ever need and the clothing that will make you look good even if you can't skate or bike.

6. Riot Boutique


Established in 2009, RIOT Boutique is one of Malta's leading streetwear boutiques and the exclusive retailer for Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes and Supra Footwear. They've got cool and exclusive streetwear and friendly staff.

7. Urban Culture

Various locations

All the latest trends and streetwear are represented in these stores. Expect to find cool versions of your favourite clothing here.

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