Here Are All Places Where You Can Land The Illest BMX Tricks In Malta

All the known - and lesser known - sweet spots


Now that the first backflip in Malta has been done, Maltese BMX riders are stepping up their game to land the next legendary trick in Malta.

But to do that, a BMX rider needs to be dedicated and get down to practicing a whole lot.

While there are only a couple of legitimate BMX parks, we spoke to one of Malta's foremost BMX riders Karl Naja about some of the hottest and sweetest spots to get your grind on. 

1. BMX track/Indoor Skatepark


With indoor and outdoor facilities, Malta BMX has everything a BMXer would want, from a beginner to the most advanced rider. Make use of the race track, trails, half pipe, and outdoor and indoor skatepark. It's located in a area far away from traffic and air pollution and even has a bus stop right outside the Skatepark. Although the facility is more designed for BMX, scooters and skaters and more than welcome.

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2. Subway


There was a lot of hype when in 2008 the government had said they would be spending LM100,000 on arranging the Subway into a proper skatepark. Although the skatepark was done, it's nothing close to what it could have been, and has recently been inundated with billboards for added fuckery. 

Being in the middle of a roundabout, it also doesn't make it the healthiest place to practice your sport, but nevertheless it's does have some great ramps for you to enjoy yourself in. 

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3. Spine Ramp


The Mellieħa local council had decided to build a ramp in a new park they had arranged with the intention to build more - but more ramps never came. Although its just one ramp, it's fun to visit once in a while.

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4. Qbajjar


Branded by Red Bull as one of the world's most unique and fun places to visit on your bike, this spot offers some unreal air. It's one of those places that was never intended for BMXrs to ride but ended up being amazing.


5. Wall rides


This is a little known spot that is break for wall rides and tricks. Grab some food and make a day out of riding these walls.

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6. Street vert spot


This is one of the best places to get some urban grinding on. Just try not to break any laws while doing so.

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7. Random awesome ditch


Malta's got skate parks, walls, and urban vert spots. Malta also has this random and awesome ditch in Gudja that's just the thing for you and your friends to practice on any chill Sunday.

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