Hilarious Tweets From Last Night's 'England - Malta' Game

Trust Twitter to always see the lighter side of things!

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Many mixed emotions were felt last night, as Malta's national football team lost 2 - 0 against England in the 2018 World Cup qualifier. Although Maltese keeper Andrew Hogg's performance shone bright, the internet was not too impressed with England's performance, here's a roundup of some of the funnier tweets from the game:

​The sarcasm was strong with some

And of course there were loads of jokes about Malta's part-timers

But most England fans were just upset about the fact that they didn't win by a landslide

Which generated the amazing hashtag #MaltaSoSmallThat

That is basically the gift that keeps giving

You gotta give it to them, they're not exactly wrong.

With some brutal takedowns against England

Andrew Hogg's jab didn't go unnoticed

But it did warrant some of the most tragic puns of all time

Go home dad, you're drunk.

There was of course the tweet that everyone misunderstood

You see it's funny because... oh never mind.

And of course, no roundup is complete without this constant reminder of Rooney's shame

But the jury's still out on what his other job is

Even though everyone knew he shouldn't have been playing when the 'nutmeg' above happened.

Cause studs in shins are totally acceptable now, right?

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