Malta Is About To Compete In An Epic Tournament For The First Time In Decades

The Maltese team is ready to bring home the win


For the first time since 1992 a team of Maltese free-divers will be entering the Spearfishing World Cup.

The competition, which will be held in Palma De Mallorca over the coming week, will include a variety of events and competitions to see which country has the best team of spear-fishers.

A team of Maltese divers from the Malta Skin Divers Club will be representing Malta in the international competition. 

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The Malta Skin Diver Club are Malta's leading spear-fishing club, where they specialise in the sport. 

Apart from practicing sports related to free-diving, they also educate about how to cause less harm to the ocean and the marine fauna and flora. 

Spearfishing is one of the oldest methods of hunting fish in the world, and remains popular in Malta. Today's spear-fishers make use of mechanised spears to easier catch their prey, and often catch octopus, squid, as well as various local fish.

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