Malta Loses Its Shit After Public Broadcaster Cuts To Ads During World Cup Semi Final

Footie fans were not happy

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Riots in the streets (or at least on Facebook) after TVM cut to advertisements 20 minutes into the first half of the France - Belgium match.

Venting their outrage on Facebook, several football fans couldn't believe an ad stuttered to a start (and then kept cutting between the game and ads) while the match was still ongoing.

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With England playing their Semi Final tonight, many people desperate to see it 'coming home' were also pretty clear in their statement that there would be hell to pay if the same thing happened tonight.

On the flip side of the issue, it seems like Italian TV station Canale 5 must have been rolling in the ad revenue from Malta, as literally everyone's recommendation was: "aqleb għal Canele 5 bro!"

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But some guys wanted you to be grateful for what you have, outraged comrades.

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Whether it was a technical fault or an intentional interruption, one thing is definitely clear. You don't mess with football fans during World Cup season.

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