Malta's Goalkeeper Hoggs The Limelight After England Match

This guy has become an overnight legend

Malta Goalkeeper Speaks After England 2 0 Malta

Malta's goalkeeper Andrew Hogg stole the limelight this evening with his performance in the match against England. The BBC described him as "heroic" while The Sun jokingly pointed out that he was "the best Englishman on the pitch".

Even England's goalkeeper Joe Hart had some fantastic words of praise for his Maltese counterpart, labelling his performance as "magnificent".

Mr Hogg, 31, may have conceded five goals against Scotland in Malta's previous qualifier. However, he kept tonight's scoreline to a respectable 2-0, despite England enjoying 80% possession of the ball and at least 10 shots on target.

Mr Hogg, who was born in Surrey and relocated to Malta with his family when he was five, is now stealing the headlines all over the British press. He even got himself in a spot of controversy by saying England were more impressive to him than Scotland. 

We're lovin where this is going!

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