Maltese England Supporter Dedicates Facebook Poem To The Island's Italy Supporters

'Issa ixtru gear ieħor'


Rivalries will always exist among footballing nations and their supporters, but none are as intense (and confusing) as that between Maltese supporters of England and Italy.

Two teams that aren't by any means obsessed with each other, England and Italy become arch-nemeses on our tiny island. And with England making it all the way to the semi-finals (and potentially even the finals #ItsComingHome) and Italy not even making it to the World Cup this year, much has been said (read: a metric fuckton) on Maltese Facebook.

We've inevitably all seen people highlighting the stupidity of going out of your way to always side against a team - even if it means siding with a random ass team you'd never dream of backing - but no complaint has been so poetic as one Maltese man's latest status.

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The full poem reads:

Ilbistu l-flokk tat-Tunezija

U ergajtu nehhejtuh

Tal-Panama Giekom ftit wiesa

U b'tal Belgium hadtu ftit ruh

Wara lbistu tal-Kolombja

U tlabtu hafna lil bambin

Imma mal-penalty ta' Dier

Minjaf kif taghkom hass hazin

Ta' l-Isvezja llum se tilbsu

Jien ma nafx kif ma tisthux

Ghax kien propju habba fijom

Li bqajtu barra w'ma dhaltux

While resharing the poem, one man even added a couple of other verses:

U ahna erbahnilom

2-0 gie ir rizultat

Issa ixtru gear iehor

Nidbikkem narakhom fdan listat

Last Saturday, right after England defeated Sweden in a 2-0 match that saw them progress to tonight's semi-finals, the Maltese man took to Facebook to pen a poem dedicated to all the Italian supporters on his feed who had over the last month spent their time supporting all the teams that the Three Lions found themselves facing (and overcoming).

The poem revolves around Italian supporters "wearing the shirts" of England's rivals for 2018, from the slightly baggy Panama shirt (after that impressive 6-1 win) to the Colombia match that had people "praying to the Baby Jesus" for a penalty blunder by England.

Seeing as England's last match on Saturday was indeed the Sweden one, he reserved a verse or two for that too. "Today, you'll wear the Swedish top," he said. "I don't know how you're not embarrassed, seeing as they're the ones who eliminated you."

Finally, he also threw in a shady reference to the penultimate match on England's agenda for the 2018 World Cup; tonight's semi final against Croatia. "Now, buy another gear. Seeing you in this state makes me cry."

People were absolutely living for the poetic shade, with a couple of people saying they might've very well found Malta's newest rapper.

Here's hoping England win tonight's match against Croatia... if only so we get another couple of verses added to the poem!

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