Meet Maggie: Malta's Luckiest Cat

I guess she's down to just eight lives...

Maggie Combo

By now we've all seen the impressive images of an Emirates plane aflame on the Dubai runway. We've also heard of the brave firefighter who died trying to save those onboard. But what does any of this have to do with this nine-year-old Tal-Madonna tabby from Siggiewi?

Well, Maggie was on that same plane just hours earlier, right before the plane's tragic return flight to India. 

Maggie's parents, Mike and Alana, have just relocated Down Under and there was no way they were going to leave their fur baby behind. 

Maggie, who was adopted from the SPCA, got off in Dubai to get onto a connecting flight to Singapore on her way to Melbourne. At the same time, the plane returned from India to Dubai where it crashlanded on the runway. 

Maggie 2

That face kinda says it all...

"We tracked her progress on Flight Radar all through Wednesday, and we had read about the crash on the news, but we were so consumed by making sure that she was on the next leg of her journey that it didn't click until a family member pointed out that she had actually been on the same Ill fated aircraft."

Not only that, but Maggie also managed to make the next flight before Dubai airport was closed. 

"We were lucky, but we also thought of all those other people who might be transporting animals which got delayed." 

Maggie winning at everything she does

"Fortunately all those on board survived, but the tragic news of a fireman being killed also showed that Maggie would not have had any chance of survival in the hold of the aircraft," Maggie's owner Mike, told Lovin Malta. 

Maggie 3

Maggie is now safe and comfortable in Melbourne's quarantine facility, where she will stay for 10 days for checks before being taken home to Sydney.

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