IN PHOTOS: Over 300 Of The Coolest (And Rarest) Cars In Malta Descend On Motorfest In Aid Of Istrina

And they managed to raise more than €5,000

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Last week saw the second annual Motorfest In Aid Of Istrina show off some of the coolest and rarest cars in Malta, and they managed to raise an amazing €5,520 for The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

Motorfest In Aid of Istrina is a charity event set up by Susanne Fenech, her partner Gilbert Abela and her son, to raise money for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCFF). The trio also have a lot of help from Dan Borg, who is himself very much into bikes. 

"It all started last year after my mother lost her very short yet fierce battle with cancer," Mrs. Fenech had told Lovin Malta ahead of this year's edition. "We were told that there was a particular therapy that could increase her chances of survival, but we had to buy it ourselves as it was and is not covered by the government health scheme. It was €7,000 + €18,000 per month. We bought the first set of treatment, but then MCCFF approved her request for assistance and they started buying it for her."

Unfortunately Mrs.Fenech's mother passed away from the advanced stages of her cancer. But the ordeal inspired her to try and give back to the people that helped her, and still help hundreds of Maltese people suffering from similar illness's.

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