Petition Launched To Support André Schembri After Scathing Interview

"André Schembri has proven to be a true leader, both on and off the pitch"

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A petition using the hashtag #SchembriMyCaptain was launched tonight to support footballer André Schembri following the scathing remarks he made about Maltese football after last week's World Cup qualifier against England, which Malta lost 2-0.

Although Michael Mifsud is officially the captain of Malta's national team, he was only brought in as a substitute during the match against England, while Mr Schembri served as captain. The roles were reversed again in tonight's World Cup qualifier against Lithuania, which Malta also lost 2-0.

Although sources told TVM news the move was tactical, the football community is seeing it as a direct result of his comments to L-Argument on ONE which have been viewed more than 100,000 times on Facebook and receiving an overwhelming amount of support.

After that match, Mr Schembri said: "We need a whole reshuffle... in the youth system, the level of coaching... I've been saying this for years. You keep interviewing us but there are 10 people from the MFA (Malta Football Association) here. I think you should interview them instead... We're so far behind. And it's not the players fault. It's the fault of those running Maltese football. If we don't change, you will be here in 20 years' time and we will be in the same situation."

The petition, which was launched immediately after the Lithuania match says: "André Schembri has proven to be a true leader, both on and off the pitch.  By speaking his heart, he showed everyone his genuine and unconditional love towards Maltese Football. We want André Schembri as Malta's Captain!"

The petition is also making use of the hashtag #SchembriMyCaptain.

Questions about his comments that Lovin Malta sent to the Malta Football Association yesterday remained unanswered. But the move to strip Mr Schembri of his captainship are now being interpreted as payback. 

What do you make of the decision to place Michael Mifsud as captain? Is this just normal football fare or a cynical decision to payback André Schembri for his critical remarks? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook. 

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Chris Peregin