PHOTOS: 'Brutal' Conditions Make For Breathtaking End To Yacht Race In Malta

Over 40 boats retired as tough weather conditions hit the seas around Malta

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The 38th edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race kicked off last Saturday to beautifully calm seas, seeing 104 boats majestically leaving Valletta's Grand Harbour. As winds picked up towards the end of the race on Monday, however, conditions around the Mediterranean got much tougher, with one captain going so far as to call them 'brutal'. 

The rough seas saw dozens of crews retiring from the race, with the number on Monday afternoon standing at 44. "We retired not long after Stromboli," one crew member commented. "The winds were strong but manageable - it was the sea state that was the biggest challenge".

Crowd favourite Rambler 88, Captain George David's American Maxi, took the Monohull Line Honours, crossing the finish line after a total of 2 days, 9 hours, 48 minutes and 9 seconds. And while it must've been very disappointing for the crews who had to retire from the race, the shots from the remaining yachts made for a spectacular show.

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