WATCH: This Downhill Bike Race In Dwejra Will Give You A Serious Adrenaline Rush

Meanwhile, some of us can barely sit on a bike without tipping over

If you've been looking for that extra dose of adrenaline in your life to fill your weekends in Malta, look no further than downhill racing. All you need is a solid mountain bike, someone with absolutely no fear, and a stunning track with a great balance of views and batshit-looking trails. 

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Screen Shot 2017 05 25 At 12 02 41
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The shots are from the Malta Mountain Bike Association Downhill National Point Series, with the race in Dwejra being the third of the series.From the looks of things, the downhill races in Wardija and Selmun looked just as amazing (read: scary AF).

"Downhill racing is a particularly niche sport and definitely not for everyone," said MMBA president Pierre Zammit Endrich. "However we have seen the race atmosphere with every race that goes by, and more spectators are coming to watch out races."

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Tag a friend who can't ride a bike.

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