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WATCH: Buġibba Skatepark’s Transformation From An Abandoned Lot To A Skating Haven

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Buġibba’s skatepark has long stood as an abandoned lot covered in dirt and rubbish, but now the park has got a new lease of life and has become a thriving hub for the skating community.

Dr Juice got together with the members of the skating community for one big clean up and what they managed to achieve on the day was impressive…

Overnight, the Buġibba skatepark went from a place of despair to a hub of hope for the skating community thanks to Dr Juice, along with everyone else, who managed to collect between 70-100 bags of rubbish…

as well as a motorbike, five pushchairs and other random debris.

They also managed to build 10 new pallet benches to be used by both adults and youths.

“We made it so that adults and youths can both enjoy the space together, participate in sporting activities, and most importantly, interact together. We all can learn from each other,” said one of the park’s supervisors, Rudy Dorekens.

Dr Juice’s skatepark clean up was a huge success and even members of the local council attended to show their support.

“Mayor [Alfred] Grima joined us on the day and said that he will help keep the area clean by promising bins and also a camera to make sure that no illegal dumping happens. This endorsement is great as we need our politicians to value these sorts of parks, which are lacking all over the country, and which we are are in dire need for.”

Though this literally was an overnight transformation, the patrons of the skatepark have been working tirelessly over the past few months to give the skatepark a new lease of life and it’s safe to say that it’s thriving…

“The skatepark is used every day by around 20 to 40 youths from Buġibba and surrounding areas. We have people from the ages of 11 till 25 and over sometimes,” said Rudy.

What was once a sorrow sight of abandonment has now turned into a thriving epicenter for the BMX and skating community up north.

Rudy and the rest of the gang are also busy finalising the building of a quarter pipe and box in time for the official launching of the skatepark on the 14th of March with an epic skate and BMX competition.

“We are looking to get all companies and NGOs involved in presenting a project to the government, for the future of the skatepark and area around it. And so will keep doing these events as means of getting more people involved and also as competitions and fun days, ” he said.

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