Who's Hotter - Maltese Rugby Or Football Players?

Life is full of tough choices

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All aspects of Maltese sportsmanship should be celebrated, from the achievements of the players to the undeniable eye-candy they offer up. But what about some interdisciplinary competition?

Scroll down to answer our extremely challenging poll; who's hotter? Rugy players of footballers?

1. Rugby...

(Vince Stivala)

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2. ... Or Football?

(Rowen Muscat)

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3. Football...

(Gareth Sciberras)

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4. ... Or Rugby? 

(Max Zammit-Maempel)

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5. Rugby...

(Jeremy Debattista)

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6. ... Or Football? 

(Andrew Hogg)

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7. Football...

(Edward Herrera)

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8. ... Or Rugby?

(Toby Quarendon)

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Chucky Bartolo

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