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You Have 48 Hours To Get Your 3-Week Pass For Bulletcamp And Start Getting Fit From Monday

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Make this the last weekend of your fitness slump! It’s time to buy a three-week pass to Bulletcamp, and start getting in shape.

Bulletcamp is an incredible online fitness bootcamp that started last week. The good news is that you can join the fun now with a three-week pass for just €41.99 – and you’ll also get access to the past week’s workouts.

Over 100 people are already enjoying the daily live workouts, workshops and motivational talks. From kids club to a range of butt workouts, yoga sessions, Crossfit and calisthenics, it’s a perfect blend of stuff you already love and stuff you can try for the first time.

There are also day passes available for €5.99!

Here’s a small taster of what you’ve been missing.

All you need to do are three, simple steps and you’ll be all set to smash your fitness goals:

1. Sign-up/purchase the All-Access Pass from Bulletproof’s website for €41.99

2. Follow @thebulletcamp on Instagram

3. Start getting back into shape!

Just by doing these three simple steps, you’ll get on your way to keep training, keep motivated and most importantly, stay sane in these difficult times. After all, a healthy body is a healthy mind – and we need both of those now more than ever.

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